What exactly is Magnesium Oil used for?

There are many different conditions that magnesium oil can be used for. It can be a more effective replacement for your daily oral magnesium supplement. It is suitable for people of all ages.

How much magnesium oil should I use?

There is no real set amount as everyone is different but here are some guidelines. If you are applying to the skin, start with 1-2 pumps directly to the area. Depending on the reason for using the magnesium oil and with continued use, you may wish to increase the dose over time, but if you haven’t used the oil before — as it is quite pure — we recommend you start off with 1-2 pumps and go from there.
If adding to the bath, for adults use 30-50ml, for children, add from a few pumps through to 30mls, depending on their age. For a footbath, add 10-20mls.

Sometimes I experience a tingling sensation after I apply the oil. Is this normal?

Yes, this can be normal for some people — in fact, we think tingling is good! It means that the magnesium oil is doing its job.
A tingling sensation can occur when a person is magnesium deficient. With continued use and as your magnesium levels increase, you may no longer experience the feeling. The tingling sensation can also come from a build-up of toxins in the skin’s cells.
If the tingling sensation seems to be excessive or annoys you, you can dilute the magnesium oil with distilled or filtered water. An alternative way to use the magnesium oil, is to add it to your bath and soak in it for 20 minutes.
If you are concerned about experiencing this sensation please contact us. We are always happy to help and speak to you about the many different ways of using MgLIFE Magnesium Oil in a way that’s right for you and your body.

Do I have to wash it off after 30 minutes?

No, you don’t have to wash the oil off, this is just a recommendation for anyone who doesn’t like the feeling of oil on their skin. However, if you are going to wash the oil off, please wait 30 minutes before doing so.

Is magnesium oil safe for children?

Yes it is. Kids sometimes don’t enjoy the feeling of the oil on their skin, so adding it to their bath is a great way for them to receive all the magnesium oil’s benefits without them knowing that they are! (Kind of like finding a way to ‘sneak’ healthy veggies into their meal…)