We’re getting so much great feedback and we’re very excited that people share our passion for our MgLIFE organic magnesium oil. Some of our customers have tried other magnesium products that haven’t worked for them and then switched to MgLIFE with great results. Others have had MgLIFE recommended by a friend, family member or health practitioner. Below are some of our happy customers’ testimonials.

Our 5 year old now sleeps!

“WOW WOW WOW! Where do I start, MgLIFE magnesium oil has saved my life!! Literally, my 5yr old son has only ever slept through the night a handful of times since birth, well that was until I came across MgLIFE Organic Magnesium Oil! We are now on day 9 and we have a sleeper on our hands! We have been applying the oil to his legs and feet just before bedtime and I’m happy to report the helicopter arms and legs have turned into quiet and still little arms and legs with our little guy & and us getting the most restful sleep we have had in 5 years! Words cannot express how truly grateful our family is to have found you guys! Keep doing what you’re doing and we are singing from the rooftops about how amazing your oil is!”
Renee Moon, Small Business Owner & Mother of 2
Sylvania NSW

Break-through pain relief, improved quality of life

“My mum has suffered from severe neck pain for the past 2 years after a traffic accident. She was starting to come to a dead end for pain management and therapeutic solutions until MgLIFE was highly recommended to me by a work colleague — what did we have left to lose? I purchased a bottle for my mum two months ago and from day one it’s given her not just break-through pain relief but has also helped increase her night’s sleep and decreased her restlessness. Her quality of life has definitely improved the last two months. Prompt delivery and amazing customer service was also an awesome bonus.”
Rachel Hunter, Enrolled Nurse
Mount Barker SA